Our Story

Christine + Alex

Years ago, a Mid-Western guy and a Southern California girl met and turned each other's lives upside down..


We  both loved one another but also unintentionally became the cause of pain and set off the other's triggers. We decided to be proactive and learn how to take the right steps at loving one another well. We didn't chase after 'happiness' because that looks different for us both, so we chased after a 'healthy relationship'. We started reading books on relationships, understanding family origins, going through premarital classes offered by our church, implementing trial and error strategies, attending couple's bookclubs, and even finding mentors who we found to be in very stable relationships that we wanted to emulate. 


We absorbed so much! Figuring out how to implement those learnings in a way that worked for us was a whole other obstacle.  As we grew, our family and friends grew with us. We shared new learnings and began to see that these resources are not so easily available to many. We even came across longterm couples who wished they knew these learnings much sooner so to avoid going through their cycle of arguing as much as they have over the years.


It's through this excitement of seeing our own growth, and that of other relationships, where Mustard Seed Retreats started! A relaxed, adventurous, safe haven-like getaway for couples to learn and grow with each other.

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